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Tips & Ideas

  •  Choosing the Right Music for Your Wedding Day

    Choosing the Right Music for Your Wedding Day

    Twenty years ago, the traditional wedding march and dancing to the YMCA song were wedding staples. But, today as the wedding world evolves, so does wedding music. Young couples are creating their own playlists, combining DJs and live bands, and marching down the aisle to popular songs of the day.

    By: Jessa McClure
    Posted: October 02, 2015

  •  Small, Intimate Ceremony Sites

    Small, Intimate Ceremony Sites

    While big, expensive weddings are the right fit for some brides, others are looking for a more intimate and affordable choice when it comes to a wedding locale. This is where chapel weddings come in.

    By: Jessa McClure
    Posted: September 01, 2015

  •  Photographers & Videographers

    Photographers & Videographers

    Every bride and groom dreams of the perfect wedding video and photos they can enjoy years for years to come. But how do you know what photographer or videographer is right for you and what style best suits your big day?

    By: Jessa McClure
    Posted: August 03, 2015

  •  What Top Wedding Rental Trend Will You Choose?

    What Top Wedding Rental Trend Will You Choose?

    Although we know outdoor weddings are not always sunshine and daisies, many brides do not mind…

    By: Jessa McClure
    Posted: July 01, 2015

  • Indoor Venues

    Indoor Venues

    The wedding venue will be one of the biggest wedding expenses, and one of the most significant steps in the planning process. Keep in mind your budget, guest list and personal style when on the hunt for the perfect place. And remember, you can never ask too many questions!

    By: Alannah Domangue
    Posted: June 01, 2015

  • Floral Designs

    Floral Designs

    If you’re looking for direction, look no more! Let’s go crazy on those pinboards, and dig deep to your inner flower child. Check out some of these hot floral designs trending in 2015.

    By: Alannah Domangue
    Posted: May 04, 2015

  • Cakes and Catering

    Cakes and Catering

    A couple typically spends more money on the wedding cake and catering than any other aspect of the reception, so you want to put this task into the hands of an experienced professional. However, do not think you have to travel far in search of a delicious catered meal to your liking. Central Texas…

    By: Alannah Domangue
    Posted: April 01, 2015

  •  Outdoor Venues

    Outdoor Venues

    Although we know outdoor weddings are not always sunshine and daisies, many brides do not mind chancing it for some of the most promising picturesque views that only Mother Nature can offer.

    By: Alannah Domangue
    Posted: March 02, 2015

  • Getting the Perfect Look

    Getting the Perfect Look

    Get the perfect look from a variety of Central Texas experts that can dress a bride from head to toe. So if you're looking for something beyond soft silhouettes and sweet heart tops, read up on these fabulous trends that you are sure to find satisfying for your perfect bridal look.

    By: Alannah Domangue
    Posted: February 02, 2015

  • Wedding & Event Planning

    Wedding & Event Planning

    The first step toward a successful and stress-free bridal experience is making the decision to seek help from professionals. Central Texas is home to some of the most respected and experienced event planning companies who can make much more than beautiful ceremonies and stylish receptions happen.

    By: Alannah Domangue
    Posted: January 01, 2015

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