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5 Top-Rated Wedding Registry Platforms

The days of physically going to a big box store to do your wedding gift registry may be slowly disappearing. But that doesn’t mean the fun of registering has to end, too. That’s because online platforms are offering everything couples could need - or want - from cast iron cookware and 1,000-thread count sheets, to honeymoons and home down payments. Here are a few of the most popular.


Rather than giving you kitchen appliances or towels, wedding guests can be part of sending you on an amazing honeymoon or helping you raise funds for a down payment on a home. As the self-proclaimed “most popular crowdfunding site for weddings, honeymoons, down payments, charities and more,” Honeyfund makes getting the perfect wedding gift a breeze. They offer a fully customizable wishlist, gift card registry, and even sync to your store registries. There are also no fees for your guests and you can withdraw gift funds immediately for free by check or Paypal with a small fee.


Create a universal registry list for your guests. Got a fiancé who loves to splurge at REI, while you prefer Sur la Table but you also want to be practical and register at Wal-Mart and Target like all the “normal” couples? You’re not limited to the number of stores that can fit on your invitation anymore! Another cool MyRegistry feature is that you can download their app to scan barcodes of items while you’re out and about, and the items will be added to your registry automatically! It’s also user friendly in that guests can click “Buy this gift” and make purchases off your list without ever leaving your site.


To help couples with the overwhelming responsibility of selecting items for their registry, Zola has built-in checklists with categories like “Wake up happy,” “Cook dinner together,” and “Take a trip.” Zola seems to have thought of everything. Not only can couples choose when their gifts are sent, but guests get free shipping on it all (with the exception of bigger items like furniture). They also offer a group gift option for people who want to chip in together to buy larger items.


Much like the others of its kind, Blueprint allows you to register for items from major retailers, add a honeymoon or cash registry, and offers group gifting. Blueprint also gives you a 10 percent discount on items remaining on your registry all year. You can even mark gifts as a “favorite” to give a gentle nudge to guests for items you really want. Another neat feature, if you’ve already created a registry with a retailer, they can easily import it to Blueprint so you can keep everything all in one place.


While Thankful charges users a one-time $30 fee, many will find it worth the investment. That’s because your registry is 100 percent private and only invited guests will be sent the password. It free of advertising and gives guests the flexibility to select the perfect gift. If they find a better price at a different store or want to buy an item in-store instead of online, they have the freedom to do so.

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