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Cakes and Catering

By Alannah Domangue

A couple typically spends more money on the wedding cake and catering than any other aspect of the reception, so you want to put this task into the hands of an experienced professional. However, do not think you have to travel far in search of a delicious catered meal to your liking. Central Texas provides local brides with a variety of bakers, caterers and talented food artists that can shake up any reception.

Regardless if you and your fiancé opt for a traditional ceremony or something a little more relaxed, every wedding brings with it a crowd of hungry guests; but fear not my dear brides. We have some savory options to share that will surely take away some wedding planning pressure.

Rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner is a pretty common event even outside of traditional weddings. Whether the bride chooses a large party of family and close friends, or just a quaint evening with the wedding party, caterers can make the evening happen at your favorite venue or right at the restaurant.

Hors d'oeuvres and cocktails

  Although an evening wedding does not require an abundant amount of appetizers and free pre-dinner drinks, many couples go for this option to keep guests comfortable during post ceremony photo sessions. Caterers can provide special hors d'oeuvres packages along with the meal that will compliment the evening’s dinner.

Finger foods and small snacks

Don’t feel pressured to provide an elaborate meal for your guests. Many couples choose a variety of finger foods, kabobs and fun make-it-yourself snacks that are available throughout the majority of the reception. Guests won’t leave overstuffed, and it provides many inexpensive options to satisfy all tastes. You will be surprised how many catering companies can provide these light yet appetizing bite-sized eats.

Buffet style
Buffet style receptions generally cut some expenses for a wedding, as it requires less staff on hand. Not to mentio
n a buffet table makes for a beautiful focal point in the room, especially while guests aren’t occupying the dance floor. This seating arrangement provides a comfortable setting and options for the guests. They are free to move around and mingle, get up for seconds and the food stays hot.

Sit-down dinner

Traditional sit-down dinners provide a little more elegance to any reception. Typically, couples choose this
method of service when they plan a multiple course meal. Catering companies will provide a full event staff to serve guests, which means no waiting in long lines, and it generally saves quite a bit of space. This method is also great for the wedding on a specific schedule, and you can avoid those awkward moments when a guest is up for seconds during a toast.

Dessert tables

  Aside from their exceptionally delicious treats, many sweet shops can flaunt an impeccable arrangement. Wedding caterers and bakers have a knack for good food and great design, and they can satisfy each aspect to your liking. Many brides select a dessert bar to give their guests some variety and excitement. Petite treats and cupcakes are making a comeback, while the bride and groom opt for a smaller personal cake. Some weddings even provide special dessert decorating bars or chocolate fountains that give their guests a little fun and freedom with the evening’s sweet treats.


  While cakes have typically served as a reception focal point throughout the years, do not be afraid to break away from the old fashion and get the crowd talking. Metallic icing will be the hot again this year, with variations of gold and silver dust or flat icing that will surely give the guests a need for a second look. Vintage ruffled and tulle looks are still going strong for 2015. These soft and romantic off-white lace and textured frostings boast a gorgeous and classic look. Lastly, let’s not forget the bare a.k.a. naked wedding cake. Bakers can put together a stunning cake with frosting only between the layers or without frosting, and the various looks are simply exquisite. In the end, the cake should compliment the theme, and reveal a peek into the couple’s personality and good taste, while proving extremely necessary for guests to indulge in at the night’s end.

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By Alannah Domangue
Categories:  Cakes & Catering

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