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Ask Your Wedding Caterer The Right Questions

By Family Features

May I have references?
Ask for at least 10 former clients and call as many as you can.

May I see your business license?
Caterers should be licensed by the state. Make sure you see proof of liability insurance, too.

Can we sample from your wedding menu?
Take your spouse-to-be and a friend with you so that you can get varied opinions. Some caterers charge a tasting fee, but it’s worth it.

Do you cook your food from scratch and will you work with me on a personal menu?
Caterers sometimes will only provide food that is on their menu.  Ask them if they will prepare a special family recipe.

What does the price per person include?
Is the cost strictly for food, or does it cover tables, chairs, linens, tableware, punch service, table displays, etc.?

What other fees do you charge?
Are tips and taxes included in the price? Some caterers will charge a cake-cutting fee or corking fee for wines. Make sure you get all fees in writing.

What are the payment arrangements?
You need to find out how much of a deposit is required, and if it’s refundable or not. Ask when the final payment is due and what the caterer’s preferred form of payment is.

Make sure you have a written contract to sign. This guarantees that they will provide the food, timelines and details discussed.

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By Family Features

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