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Choosing a Cake

With the New Year beginning, what are the brides of 2011 looking for?

With all the cake shows on television these days, brides are wanting the new wave of designs they are seeing, from simple elegance to an over-the-top “bling” look.  From different shapes to lots of sugar art, cakes come in more varieties than ever.

Here are several things to remember when choosing a baker:

1. Establish a budget.  Always try to stay within your price limit. The “almost always” non-refundable deposit is important in saving the date for your  big day.

2. Go to a reliable health-certified baker whose shop is regulated by the Public Health Department in your area.  This is very important in case there are sanitation issues with the cake products.

3. Is the baker properly trained and skilled? Has the baker been to a culinary school? How long have they been in business?  Ask for credentials, awards, etc.  Let the baker or vendor help you with planning and making decisions, such as the number of servings, flavors, placement of the cake the day of the wedding, etc. Once you have decided on the details, any changes such as cake size or flavor may result in extra charges.  Keep in mind that the baker may have other obligations the day of the wedding; last-minute changes could result in not getting the cake of your dreams.

4. Bring the groom and any family members or friends with you to the cake tasting.  Another option is to take samples home with you to share with loved ones at a later date.

5. Have a plan! Agree on delivery and set-up time for the wedding day.  Also, decide whether you will need to have the equipment picked up or if you need to designate a friend to return any rented or borrowed items to the baker after the event.

6. The most important step:  Hire a baker who has the most delicious cake for your day!

Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy your day.  Remember why you are there!


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