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Choosing the Right Music for Your Wedding Day

Twenty years ago, the traditional wedding march and dancing to the YMCA song were wedding staples. But, today as the wedding world evolves, so does wedding music. Young couples are creating their own playlists, combining DJs and live bands, and marching down the aisle to popular songs of the day.

Here are some of the biggest trends in wedding music and how you can adapt them to fit your wedding.

1. Combining DJs and Live Music
While it used to be one or the other, today there is a move toward combining musical elements from both a DJ and live music.  Combining these two mediums can be tricky, but if it's done correctly it can create a night to remember. Some couples have had the DJ and live band switch off—the DJ playing while the band rests—or they have had live musicians play for the ceremony, then switched to a DJ for the reception.

2. Non-Traditional Ceremony Music
Some brides and grooms have drifted away from the traditional wedding march when the bride makes her grand entrance. With classical interpretations of popular songs easily accessible, the bride can walk down the aisle to almost anything. Keep in mind that traditional instrumentalists can add a unique twist to current songs, or add a classic touch to your ceremony.

But, just because a song is available doesn't mean you should use it. Choose songs that are reverent enough for a wedding, and won't make grandma uncomfortable. The bride has one moment all to herself, and it's important to make that moment count.

3. Specialty Act
Weddings are all about the bride and groom, but they are also a little about the guests. Couples want their family and friends to have a good time, and providing a performance by a specialty act might be what sets your wedding apart from others.

Think about the tone and theme of your wedding. If you're going for vintage elegance, then a rock cover band probably isn't the way to go. A well-known jazz trio might be more appropriate.

4. Audio Upgrades
While some venues offer sound systems, many millennial couples are choosing to upgrade these systems by bringing in their own. Couples are becoming more aware of the fact that even a live band can sound off if their sound is coming through a bad sound system. Find out the cost of adding equipment or bringing another sound system and make sure it is worth the effort.

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