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Ceremony & Reception / Venues

  • Create a Fool-Proof Day-of Wedding Plan

    Create a Fool-Proof Day-of Wedding Plan

    Here are some easy steps that will help you put together an organized wedding day plan.

    by Katelyn Kasper
    Posted April 05, 2019

  • Say Yes to the Venue: How to Pick Your Perfect Match

    Say Yes to the Venue: How to Pick Your Perfect Match

    Find out how to choose the right venue for your wedding with these helpful tips.

    by Katelyn Kasper
    Posted October 24, 2018

  • How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Venue

    How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Venue

    The wedding venue you choose will be the site of one of the biggest days of your life, so the pressure is on. Here a few ways to make sure that you’re picking the right location for your big day.

    by Jessa McClure
    Posted February 21, 2018

  • Chapels and Small Ceremony Sites

    Chapels and Small Ceremony Sites

    It is a great thing that Central Texas is home to these hidden gems, because every young lady should get the chance to marry in the chapel of her dreams.

    by Alannah Domangue
    Posted September 08, 2016

  • Picturesque Outdoor Wedding Venues

    Picturesque Outdoor Wedding Venues

    The location of your wedding is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your big day. Because the weather in this area of the country is fairly pleasant most of the year, outdoor venues can be a beautiful and cost-effective choice for many couples.

    by Jessa McClure
    Posted February 24, 2016

  • Small Historic Reception & Rehearsal Dinner Venues

    Small Historic Reception & Rehearsal Dinner Venues

    Historic homes and museums offer great locations for smaller rehearsal dinners and receptions, and could be just the right fit for any laid-back, budget-conscious bride.

    by Jessa McClure
    Posted December 01, 2015

  •  Small, Intimate Ceremony Sites

    Small, Intimate Ceremony Sites

    While big, expensive weddings are the right fit for some brides, others are looking for a more intimate and affordable choice when it comes to a wedding locale. This is where chapel weddings come in.

    by Jessa McClure
    Posted September 01, 2015

  • Indoor Venues

    Indoor Venues

    The wedding venue will be one of the biggest wedding expenses, and one of the most significant steps in the planning process. Keep in mind your budget, guest list and personal style when on the hunt for the perfect place. And remember, you can never ask too many questions!

    by Alannah Domangue
    Posted June 01, 2015

  •  Outdoor Venues

    Outdoor Venues

    Although we know outdoor weddings are not always sunshine and daisies, many brides do not mind chancing it for some of the most promising picturesque views that only Mother Nature can offer.

    by Alannah Domangue
    Posted March 02, 2015

  • Picking Your Wedding Location & Date

    Picking your location and date right away makes planning your wedding easier.

    by Jennifer Snyder
    Posted July 29, 2010

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