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Featured Vendor: Dove Nest Estate

As the sun sets over a grove of pecan trees at the Dove Nest Estate, the ceremony site is bathed in a golden glow that highlights the beauty of the landscape and the magic of the moment. This picture-perfect image has inspired not only the venue’s logo, but also many Central Texas brides who are looking for a picturesque place to say, “I do.”

“We had an event here on the coldest day in December,” said co-owner of the Dove Nest Estate, Nhi Lieu. “Despite having to bring in heat lamps, the sunset was just amazing—gorgeous hues of orange and yellow. It inspired us to do sunset weddings, so a lot of our clients have booked during the golden hour.”

A former academic, Lieu and her husband, Dr. Toan Leung, bought the property a few years ago to find alternative career paths. As they explored the land they purchased, they continued to find geological treasures they didn’t know they were looking for.  This led them to start joint businesses—a venue and an on-site racetrack.

“There was a big industrial sandblasting barn and adjacent to it, this western saloon used for entertaining,” Lieu said. “It’s a replica of the saloon in the show Lonesome Dove. The former owner was a big fan of the show, so he built it.” Beyond that, there is a covered pavilion that has picnic tables and chairs.

Lieu and her husband cleaned up the structures and modernized them. The industrial barn became what the couple loving call “The Nest.”  The venue now comes with high steel beams, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, clear paneled garaged doors, and a 15-foot ceiling fan that creates a cool breeze in the humid Texas weather. The Nest also contains a 500-foot bridal suite with couches and chairs, a dresser, stools, a lengthy make-up table, a snack bar, and even a free-standing tub.

Upon entering The Nest and you will find pontoon lights overhead and the Silo Bar which contains 300 square feet of bar space with an indoor/outdoor service window that looks out onto the cocktail area. There are abundant areas to gather and mingle throughout the space as well as a storage office to hide your belongings.

Along with several locations to get married and host a reception, the Dove Nest Estate also has on-site accommodations including five modern cabins that comfortably sleep up to four guests (with two bedrooms, a full bath, and a kitchenette) and farther away from the main complex, sits a completely renovated farm-style house that contains three bedrooms—two smaller bedrooms and a master suite, two bathrooms, a small office, and a big open living space.

And if you’re looking to create a weekend getaway for you and your bridal party, you can even do some fishing on a spring-fed quarry that is full of catfish, or take a spin around the DOMO (Dove Nest Motorsports Club) Off-road track that is on the venue’s property.

If you’re interested in booking the Dove Nest Estate or learning more about this one-of-a-kind property, visit
www.dovenestestatevenue.com and click on “Book a Tour,” or call the venue director, Stephanie Arredondo at (254) 813-8817.

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