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Rehearsal Dinner Dos and Don'ts

The purpose of the rehearsal dinner is to gather the wedding party, finalize the details of the event, and countdown to the wedding. The rehearsal dinner is your chance to celebrate after practicing for the real thing. Here’s a few dos and don’ts you’ll want to keep in mind.


Decide who is hosting.
Will the parents of the groom handle most of the details of the evening? Consider having the dinner at a unique venue. If you’re looking for Pinterest-worthy photo ops you could have your dinner at a bowling alley, airplane hangar, brewery, barn or in the family’s back yard.

Pick a menu. You may want to select a fun and inclusive theme that showcases your wedding location for out-of-town guests like Texas barbecue, Tex-Mex, or catering from a one-of-a-kind local favorite. 

Remember family traditions. What did each of your parents do during their wedding rehearsal? Did they play games or share the story of how they first met? Was live music part of the evening? Consider carrying on the traditions that mean the most to you.


Take too long for the rehearsal itself. 
Out-of-town guests will be tired from traveling and a you have a big day ahead, so you’ll want to make sure the rehearsal itself doesn’t take too long. Don’t keep everyone awake late into the night. Have the wedding officiant or the wedding planner keep everyone on task.

Forget to introduce everyone. Though you may know your future spouse’s family and friends well, don’t forget that not everyone knows each other. Help break the ice. Give each guest the opportunity to share how they met the bride or groom and a little about their relationship.

Forget to make announcements. Make sure to give specific instructions to the wedding party and key family guests during the rehearsal dinner. When should the wedding party arrive at the wedding venue? What do they need to remember to bring with them? When and where are pictures being taken? 

Overthink the dinner’s decor. At the end of the day, the rehearsal is just that. Practice. Don’t worry about decorations for the dinner. What matters most is that everyone feels appreciated, prepared, and pumped for the day ahead.

**Photo by Sarah Channon Photography featured in our Artfully Modern styled shoot

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