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Picking Your Wedding Location & Date

By Jennifer Snyder

Becoming engaged is very exciting and one of the first tasks is to select your date.  Almost every aspect of planning will involve the date and the sooner it is established, the easier your planning process will be.  It is best to select a date that holds special meaning to you then check with parents to make sure they are available. Also, be sure to select a back up date just in case. This date will become your anniversary for the rest of your life so make sure it is a date that is meaningful, as you will be “married” to it. 

When looking at your venue options, take a few key points into consideration: season, style of wedding, number of guests, and if the ceremony and reception will be at the same location. 

The season is important because weather is a big factor in the success of a wedding.  Outdoor venues are beautiful and romantic; however, a bride must be flexible and creative in the event of rain or a heat wave.  Consider your comfort level and how important it will be for you and your guests.

The style of your wedding is also going to have a significant impact on your decision.  If planning a spring country wedding, you would want to avoid ballroom-type venues.  Visit your venue even if you have been to a wedding or event there previously.  Seeing the space in its raw form will allow your imagination to flow.  Try to imagine YOUR wedding in that space, if you have trouble seeing it try another location.

An ideal venue should accommodate all of your guests.  Early in the planning process a definite number may be difficult to pin down but having an idea will help.  Some venues can be sectioned off for small weddings while others have several spaces that can be combined for very large groups.

With venues, the sky is the limit!  Some are suitable for the ceremony or reception only while many accommodate both.  When visiting a prospective venue, request a copy of their contract along with the rules and regulations before paying a deposit.  It is very easy to get swept away in the excitement and is best to review all of the information before making a decision. 

Secure the venue at least six to twelve months in advance.  When getting married on high demand dates, like New Year’s Eve, secure it even earlier. 

There are venues to accommodate any wedding vision or budget so take your time and find the one that feels perfect to you.

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