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The Importance of Bridal Portraits

By Shelly Taylor

You have imagined yourself in your wedding dress for days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have gorgeous pictures of you in your special gown? Bridal portraits take some planning, but they can be a treasured keepsake to have for years to come.

Here are some reasons why you should take bridal portraits before your wedding day.

1. Reception Display

You can have your bridal portraits printed and displayed at the wedding. Your guests can get a close-up of the dress while you’re cutting the cake or throwing the bouquet.

2. On-Location

Take your wedding dress on the road and take pictures somewhere exotic or special to you and your future spouse.

3. Trial Run

Taking bridal portraits before the wedding gives you a chance to do a trial run of your hair and makeup before the big day. You can troubleshoot and make tweaks without the added stress of a schedule.

4. Weather

Depending on when you’re getting married, you might not be able to get the best bridal shots, especially outdoors. Taking bridal portraits ahead of time could help you avoid inclement weather and take pictures when the weather is most comfortable. And if you don’t get the best shots on your wedding day, you already have these to cherish.

5. No Rush Hour

You can take your time and get the perfect shots without feeling like you’re being rushed. It also saves time after the ceremony.

6. Strong Bonds

Taking bridal portraits ahead of time can also be a great time to bond with your mom, your new mother-in-law, your bridesmaids, or friends before the big day.

7. The Perfect Gift

If you’re on the fence about whether to get bridal portraits or not, ask yourself if your mother or grandmother would like a framed portrait of you in your wedding dress. This really is the perfect gift.

Photos by Shelly Taylor Photography

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By Shelly Taylor


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