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Small, Intimate Ceremony Sites

While big, expensive weddings are the right fit for some brides, others are looking for a more intimate and affordable choice when it comes to a wedding locale. This is where chapel weddings come in.

Here are some of the reasons why a chapel wedding is a great choice.

1. Budget Friendly
If you don't have a lot to spend on your nuptials, then a chapel wedding could be the right fit for you. Chapels often contain their own unique charm, which doesn't require a lot of extra decorating, especially if rustic or simple elegance is what you're going for.

2. Natural Beauty
Many of the chapels in Central Texas are situated on acres of manicured lawns, surrounded by native trees and blue skies. The natural beauty of these locations not only creates a stunning backdrop for your wedding, but also offers guests a beautiful view when they are dancing, mingling and enjoying a cocktail.

3. Hometown Feel
Some girls dream of a little white churcwedding with a handful of bridesmaids, and those closest to them in attendance. A chapel wedding might be just the thing for these brides who are looking for an intimate, hometown feel.

4. Reverent Atmosphere
Historic homes and church buildings often have spaces designated for weddings. Not only can these chapels be beautiful and full of history, but they can also give the ceremony a sense of spiritual reverence. These chapels are perfect for a wedding of any size, and can be decorated to fit a formal or informal wedding.

If you choose a chapel wedding, here are some ways to dress it up.

1. Think Simple
Because chapels often have their own architectural beauty, they don't require a lot of decorating. Simple touches like glass lanterns with white tea lights or Mason jars filled with baby's breath and tied with a burlap or ribbon bow can do a lot to set the mood.

2. Use Light Fabrics
If the chapel you choose is really rustic with hard, weathered edges, you can soften it by draping fabric from the ceiling. You can even add lighting to the fabric to create a more dramatic look.

3. Hand-painted Touches
Nothing says personal touch like something hand-painted. This could be anything from a hand-painted chalkboard sign, or painted Mason jars used as vases for flowers.
Whether you're going for rustic or elegant, chapel weddings can be just as unique and memorable as big-budget weddings in large venues.

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