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Featured Vendor: Ashley Parnell, Realtor Front Gate Properties

With a passion as big as Texas, realtor Ashley Parnell wants to help Central Texas couples find the homes that will get them off on the right foot.

“My goal is their goal,” Parnell said. “For me it’s all about getting them into the home that they’re going to raise their family in, or start their family in.”

She especially loves working with newlyweds and first-time home buyers because she can shepherd them through the real estate process.

“It can be pretty overwhelming, so if you have someone who’s patient and willing to go through it with you, then it makes it easier,” she said.

Parnell was born and raised in the Waco area, and knows how to get her clients the best deal. She’s almost as enthusiastic about getting a great price as she is about finding the perfect home for the families she works with.

“I enjoy getting a good deal for my clients,” she said. “It’s like going to the store and seeing those little clearance tags. It’s like, yes, it’s on sale. It’s just like that for my clients. I want them to feel like they got a good deal.”

The realtor said she’s not worried about the bottom line and what she takes away from the sale of a home. She is more concerned with making lifelong friends who will feel comfortable enough to refer her to others.

“I want my clients to be able to talk to me like a friend,” she said. “I’m enthusiastic about the connections I make, and I hope that lasts for years to come.”

And when her new “friends” close on their new home or sell their existing one, she gifts them with a shirt that says, “#movingday, I love my realtor, Ashley Parnell.”

These tokens of appreciation are just part of Parnell’s attitude of kindness that she employs in all aspects of her life.

“I really try to be kind because I believe what goes around comes around,” she said.

The realtor loves getting to know her clients and becoming a part of their lives even after the sale is over.

“It’s the coolest feeling when it comes full circle and the clients who used me to buy a house use me again to sell it and find their next home,” Parnell said. “I get to know them and watch their families grow.”

She is currently an agent with Front Gate Properties and can help Central Texans buy and sell residential, commercial and even farm and ranch properties.

For more information about Parnell, visit her Facebook page at Facebook.com/ashleyparnellrealtor or call her at (254) 495-6844. 


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