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Capturing Your Beautiful Day

Capturing each special moment on your wedding day is a top priority for most brides. But it’s difficult to know what shots and aspects of your big day you want covered when you’ve never hired a photographer or videographer before. Here’s what other brides are doing to capture their favorite moments.


Ring Shot
Many brides look to Pinterest or their friends’ weddings to get ideas about the shots they want. The shot that is trending in this year’s photos is what’s called the “ring shot.” It’s a shot of the bride looking over her shoulder at her groom, while their “ringed” hands are placed together.

First Looks

Wedding superstition says it’s bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the bride’s walk down the aisle. But many couples are bucking tradition and setting aside a special moment before the ceremony to get a glimpse of each other in their formal wear. These photos are romantic and authentic, and capture a very important moment.

Black and White Photos

While you’d think most brides would want to capture the color and vibrancy of all the flowers and décor they spent weeks and months choosing, black and white photos are increasingly popular. They are perfect for indoor venues and moments where there is contrast between light and dark.


Film-Quality Video

In a world where millennials are capturing their every move in film, it’s no wonder that today’s bride has higher standards when it comes to the finished product of her big day. Many couples are requesting that their day be shot like a mini documentary, including footage of the rehearsal dinner and interviews with the bridal party.


Brides and grooms not only want a film-quality wedding video, but they also want control over the editing process. Many videographers are creating wedding trailers to show the couple a highlight reel of the footage that was captured. Then the bride and groom can pick and choose what makes the video and what ends up on the cutting room floor.


Some couples are going to the extreme and hiring videographers who use drones to capture birds-eye views of the wedding venue and ceremony. It’s the celebrity experience without the million-dollar price tag.

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