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Featured Vendor: Bloomingals

By Rachel Kistner

Kimberley Seesing, owner of Bloomingals, surrounded herself with all things floral long before she opened shop on Austin Avenue. After 20 years of professional floral designing in Houston, it was only natural for Kimberley to open a new shop after moving to the Waco area. A friend and longtime customer gave Kimberley the idea for the shop’s catchy name, and Bloomingals opened its doors 18 years ago in March.

Bloomingals is best known for its eclectic, non-traditional style, and they purchase flowers from all over the world to be able to produce that style. Kimberley tells us that she really enjoys working on designs that incorporate lots of nature and greenery, but her inventory and creativity allow her to design just about anything a bride can dream up.

Kimberley takes pride in knowing her brides on a personal level before creating their floral designs. She asks her brides what they don’t like, in order to confidently create a design that she knows they will love. “Most brides don’t know exactly what they want, but they know what they don’t want,” Kimberley explains. Bloomingals understands the importance of reading a bride properly—a skill that is undoubtedly reflected in their beautiful floral pieces.

Bloomingals knows beauty is in the details, whether it be a small ceremony or an elaborate affair. “You want it to all tell a story and you want it all to flow together,” Kimberley says, and their elegant designs certainly accomplish that with their professional attention to detail.

The shop may be located in downtown Waco, but a bride can have Bloomingals beautify her wedding wherever it may be—they have served brides all over Texas, and even some out of state.

If you are interested in learning more about Bloomingals and their unique floral designs, visit their website
bloomingalsfloralboutique.com , or call Kimberley at 254-296-2772.

Click here to learn more about Bloomingals Floral Boutique

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By Rachel Kistner
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