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Featured Vendor: Cork + Clink Mobile Beverages

When Kelsey and Alton Jones were looking for a unique element for their wedding in 2017, they stumbled across a tiny treasure in the form of an Italian Piaggio Ape truck. 

“I was looking around for some fun, cool ideas and I saw these cute, little Piaggio trucks that were dispensing Prosecco,” Kelsey Jones said. “I saw one over in Europe and I said, how cute is that? How much fun would that be to bring it stateside?” 

So, the Joneses decided to take a chance, and start their own mobile bar business. 

“We worked for months to find, design and import our Piaggio to the US,” Kelsey said. ”We designed every aspect [of the truck] to create our vision.”  

They named their new business Cork + Clink and begun calling their truck, “Little Bee.” The tiny vehicle offers beer, wine, and Prosecco
(Italy’s version of champagne) on tap. 

“We’re also able to do some other fun keg drinks,” Kelsey said. 

“The other weekend we tested out an adult, boozy Arnold Palmer by adding some vodka.” 

The mobile bar can provide up to four kegged beverages at one time on tap which provides guests with a unique bar experience. 

“Each rental of the Piaggio comes with TABC licensed servers who pour the drinks, so our guests don’t have to lift a finger,” Kelsey said.

“We try to do all of the ‘dirty work’ for our guests, which includes facilitating the order and pickup/drop off of the kegs.” 

Cork + Clink wants every mobile bar experience to be exactly what their clients envision. They can customize everything from the number of drinks available to the type of beverages on tap to how long the bar stays open. 

And not only does the mobile bar provide the beverages and the servers, but their charming truck also makes for the perfect backdrop for photos.

“We made sure the design of the truck would complement any décor,” Kelsey said. “And ‘she’ is small enough to fit inside most venues.” 

For more information about “Little Bee” and Cork + Clink, visit 

www.corkandclink.com or find them on Facebook and Instagram @corkandclink. 



 Photos by Simply Breezy Photography





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