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Featured Vendor: K&S Entertainment

As wedding guests finish their dinner and head toward the dance floor, the DJ drops a beat and gets everyone on their feet. Kimberly Graham, or DJ Karaoke Kim as she’s known, is that DJ. And through her business, K&S Entertainment, she helps brides and grooms create lasting memories.

For more than a decade, Graham’s entertainment company has provided quality karaoke and music services to the Central Texas area. The DJ has developed a popular following and brings her finely-tuned skills to every venue and event.

“We are known for the quality of our sound, the amount of music we possess, the enthusiasm for which we perform, and our attention to detail,” Graham said. “Our service is unparalleled because we deliver professional timing and always demonstrate the ability to read our audience and keep the dance floor filled.”

K&S prides itself on crafting the music and lighting to the couple’s vision. The company’s two resident DJs can confidently interact with the audience and keep the event running smoothly. This quality control has won K&S several awards including Best Wedding Entertainer.

Not only does the entertainment company provide music and lighting, but they also have a new feature called the “Mirror Me” Photobooth.

“It’s an interactive photobooth that acts much like a giant cell phone. It takes incredible selfies and group pictures,” she said. “It can make quality photos, GIFs, as well as short videos.”

Guests can also write on their photos, decorate them, and even add emojis.

“We also provide a table full of colorful and hilarious props to wear to increase your picture-taking fun,” Graham said.

The photobooth prints 4x6 photos and allows guests to send the final product to their cell phones where they can be easily shared on social media.

For more information, call (254) 495-1997, visit the company’s website at www.KandSEntertainment.com or email the DJ directly at djkaraokekim@gmail.com

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