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Featured Vendor: Once Upon a Treat

When Sonia Madatali was planning her wedding three years ago, she wanted to dazzle her guests with a unique dessert table, but she couldn’t find anyone who could create the vision she had in mind. So, after she tied the knot, she started Once Upon a Treat, a business that specializes in creating magical dessert tables that wow guests at every occasion.

“We create displays that fit with any theme,” Madatali said. “We want it to not only provide a great photo opportunity, but we also want it to be something that guests find different and special.”

Since the business started in January of 2018, the dessert table coordinator has created displays for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and even high-profile events like the Cattle Barron’s Ball.

“We had a ‘Cupcakes for a Cure’ table and sold about 500 cupcakes,” she said. “We placed the cupcakes on two, barrel cake stands against a green wall with white flowers.

Madatali has always been a creative person, and loves focusing on the little details that make every event stand out.

“When I get a new client, I’ll meet with them and discuss a theme or a color scheme,” she said. “We’ll go with that theme and just start brainstorming. They always love the ideas.”

The Once Upon a Treat owner said she thinks dessert tables are the next big thing in weddings and events.

“Dessert tables are kind of the center of the party,” she said. “Guests won’t remember the meal or the decorations, but they will remember something unique at your wedding. That’s where the dessert table comes in. It’s personalized just for your event.”

Madatali also prides herself on creating one-of-a-kind tables that will never be replicated.

“Each customer gets something unique,” she said. “Even if someone says, I really liked the unicorn table at one of your other parties, we take the theme and do it differently.”

She wants her treat-filled tables to make everyone remember that “the best things in life are sweet.”

To find out more information about Once Upon a Treat, check them out on Facebook and Instagram or send them an email at onceuponatreatwaco@gmail.com.


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