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Featured Vendor: Tenroc Ranch

When Mike Cornett was in the eighth grade, he was tasked with a 4H project that encouraged him to create a fictitious cattle ranch. He decided to name this made-up property, Tenroc Ranch, because it was his last name spelled backwards. Years later, he bought a piece of land full of prickly pears that he knew could be a beautiful ranch someday and he gave it the same name.  After a lot of hard work and dedication that property has become one of the most popular wedding venues in Central Texas. (photo left: Casey Nystrom Photography)

“It all started when [a friend of the family] was getting married and their venue cancelled on them,” said Cindi Cornett, Mike’s daughter. “My dad was in the process of building an implement barn and my mom had the idea to clean out that barn so their friends’ daughter could use it for her reception.”

Cindi’s father had to run extension cords to the structure because it was still in the process of being built. But the reception happened anyway, and it was a beautiful day. After the wedding, the couple’s wedding planner pulled the Cornetts aside and said their property had the potential to be a great venue.

So, the Cornetts began working on creating two different wedding areas, along with two reception structures to create a wedding venue unlike anything else in their home city of Salado, TX. Cindi was tasked with naming the ceremony sites.

“I named the first site Sirena after the Salado legend because my mom had read books about her to my boys,” Cindi said. “The other was named Blue Heron because there was a Blue Heron crane that would roost on a dead tree on the property.”

Sadly, Cindi’s mother passed away just two years after they began working on the venue. But the Cornetts rallied together and finished the venue, eventually adding a third wedding site in the ranch’s cattle sale area that Cindi named Chisolm to pay homage to the Chisolm Trail that runs through the property.

Now, Tenroc Ranch is home to three beautifully maintained wedding sites that include everything from a view of the creek to a stone amphitheater to a stone archway. Each site comes with tables and chairs, a catering kitchen and bar area, bridal and groom dressing areas, ample parking and after party clean up.

“We don’t have a preferred vendor list and we give them three days when they book a wedding, so there’s not a restricted time frame,” Cindi said. “We’re trying to make this as stress-free as possible.

For more information about Tenroc Ranch and what it has offer, visit www.tenroc.com, call (512) 947-9218 or email Cindi at cindi@tenroc.com.
(photo right: Shelly Taylor Photography)

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