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Floral Arrangement Trends that will Grow on You

Along with bridesmaids’ dresses and linens you choose for the reception, the flowers you choose for your wedding are important for establishing the wedding color palette. Because this decision is crucial to the overall look and feel of the wedding, brides are looking to the latest trends to help them decide what to include in their walks down the aisle and for the reception. Here are some of the most recent trends in wedding florals.

Vintage Glamour

While the last few years have been overrun with mason jars and baby’s breath, it seems that couples are moving away from the “shabby chic” look and moving towards vintage glamour. This is more of a romantic look that often incorporates blush-colored garden roses, peonies and ranunculus.

Arches and Headpieces

Many brides are opting for a more ethereal look by adding arches to their ceremony sites. They are also choosing floral headpieces instead of the traditional veil to create a more whimsical look.

Weddings used to be strictly a formal event. But today’s weddings have become increasingly more informal. The popular Bohemian style has even trickled down to wedding flowers. Many brides are choosing the “wildflower” look, where flowers have a less uniform look, and take on more of a loose, wispy, carefree style.

Bold Pop of Color

Although the most popular color palette seems to be within the light peach and pink spectrum, some brides are breaking the mold by adding a pop of color to their floral arrangements. Many have chosen to incorporate dark red or purple flowers to give their bouquet and other floral arrangements a unique look.

Seasonal Picks

Locally-grown seasonal flowers have become a big trend in the last few years, and brides are getting on board. This means straying from the traditional “wedding flowers” and thinking outside of the box. Some brides have included not only the flowers grown closest to the wedding site, but have also included fruiting vines and other unusual foliage.

Mix it Up
Gone are the days when reception tables had to all look the same. Today’s brides are experimenting with flowers of differing heights and textures in a variety of containers to set the tone of their receptions. This can create a more informal atmosphere that will help guests feel more relaxed in the space.

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