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Getting the Perfect Look

By Alannah Domangue

'Tis the season to look forward to what's coming down the aisle, but you don't have to venture too far to find exactly what you're looking for.
Get the perfect look from a variety of Central Texas experts that can dress a bride from head to toe. So if you're looking for something beyond soft silhouettes and sweet heart tops, read up on these fabulous trends that you are sure to find satisfying for your perfect bridal look.

Naked Lace — You haven't seen stunning until you've checked out this season's naked lace gowns. These dresses include a nude layer under a fabulous full-body lace design that compliments your curves in all the right places.

Ballroom Gowns — Flashing back into style this season are classic southern belle gowns with a little swing.With their intricate sequined designs and corset top accenting your waist, this darling little dress will flatter all figures.

Modest Attire — Modest is hottest this season as some of your favorite trends come back with a little more coverage. Local bridal shops have plenty of styles to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect fit that compliments, conceals and stays classy.

Semiformal Wear —The wedding industry's best kept secret is not so much of a secret anymore. More brides are searching for thrifty finds that still look fabulous, and are finding the looks from their favorite designers' line of semiformal wear.

Off The Shoulder — Forget the 90s slouchy side shoulder scene. These trending designs are giving the right amount of sophistication and charm. With a variety of sleeve designs, brides can rock this bare shoulder look any time of year.

Sexy Backs —These gowns are bringing sexy back(s). Seriously. The styles are endless and the newest trends keep making their way back on the racks. These days it's not all about the entrance; sexy backs will keep your guests in awe during the ceremony and as you leave the scene.

Plunging Necklines — How low can you go? Designers are taking the V-neck to a new level with this season's bridal trends, and the brides just love it. For brides not comfortable with the deepest neckline trends, you can still go for the plunge with a more modest collar.

Side Slits — Inspired by the celebrity looks of Hollywood's red carpet, the slit will spice up your walk down the aisle. If you thought the slit was only for simple silhouettes, think again. There are stunning looks with a subtle slit up to the thigh or ones that are little more conservative.

Cutout Illusions — What's hotter than that little white dress? Perhaps a little white dress with cutout illusions in all the right places. Brides are walking the aisle with a seemingly more risqué look, but these modern gowns combine sexy and sophistication that surely won't disappoint.

Once you've said yes to the dress, be sure to complete your perfect bridal look with a face that is sure to wow the crowds. Bridal makeup probably isn't a priority for many until the last minute. Yet, a great complexion and flawless make-up application serve as the "cherry on top" of an exquisite expression, so discover some trendy looks that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. A bold yet natural appearance never comes easy when you are tackling the task alone, so leave it to the experts. Professional make-up artists are sure to top off that flawless celebratory look by creating a presence that pops and compliments your stylish gown!

Georgio's Bridal & Prom, Photo by Studio 16 Photo

JoAnn's Bridal, Photo by Two Tall Janes Photography

Pat's Gowns

Tie the Knot Wedding Consignment, Photo by Shelly Taylor Photography

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By Alannah Domangue

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