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Getting To & From the “Chapel of Love”

One of the most important items on every bridal checklist is wedding day transportation.  Getting the bridal party to the ceremony site on time, arriving at the reception, and making a smooth getaway are all key ingredients in making the special day memorable.

The utmost important factor in making sure the arrangements go smoothly is to rely on a transportation provider that has a great reputation and is dependably on time!  Regardless of the mode of transportation – making sure that the wedding vehicles are where and when they’re supposed to be is vital for enjoyment of a hassle-free wedding day.  Things can get pretty ‘off schedule’ when a limousine or other conveyance arrives 45 minutes late for departure, or worse yet – doesn’t arrive at all!  Personal referrals from trusted friends and wedding coordinators about the reputation of the transportation company are so very important in making sure everything goes as planned.   

The choices for making wedding day transport unforgettable are many, from the classic stretch limousine all the way down to a tandem bicycle!  The theme of the wedding can be enhanced greatly by selecting a mode of transportation that reflects the couple’s style and overall theme.   In our area, one of the most important factors revolves around what time of the year the wedding is taking place.   Nothing starts a wedding reception off more uncomfortably on the special day than a horse-drawn carriage ride when the temperature is 95-degrees and the bride has melted into a pretty, white puddle!  Generally, most antique auto and horseback grand arrivals should be saved for those times of the year that don’t require air conditioning.

Another consideration when getting the ‘show on the road’ is how many people are to be transported?  If the plan is simply  for the happy couple to get from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’, such as from the ceremony to the reception, the options are quite numerous and simple.   Complications set in when an entire bridal party of multiple bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents are included in the transportation plan.  Extra time-and money-are certainly needed when the transport plan is larger than just bride and groom.  

With careful planning and a reputable transportation company, wedding dreams truly do come true with the first special few miles on the road to happiness!

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