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How to Choose Your Wedding Food

Choosing food for your wedding is not just about making sure people are fed, it’s about giving your guests an experience and celebrating your union. The food you choose should depend on the time of day, your budget and what you think your guests would enjoy.

Time of Day

The time of your wedding reception will help you decide what to eat. If you have a morning wedding, you can look into brunch food ideas like crepes, omelets, donuts or a yogurt bar. Lunch options could include your favorite food trucks. An afternoon wedding is the perfect place for a beautiful charcuterie tray of finger foods or a make-your-own cupcake bar. Dinner is full of catering options from your favorite restaurants that will give guests a glimpse of you as a couple.


Your budget will also help you decide your food choice. Look at how much you have to spend on food and the number of guests you plan to have. Think about what makes sense for the time of day of your wedding reception and talk with various caterers about what options are available. 

Food Choice

Taste test caterers, food trucks or whatever food you are looking to serve your guests. Find options that showcase you as a couple. Maybe it will commemorate the first dinner date you had. Perhaps you love bubble tea and want your guests to enjoy it too. Add personality to your choice!

Dietary Restrictions

The last thing you should consider when choosing your reception food are your guests’ dietary restrictions. It’s always considerate to serve items that are vegetarian or gluten free. If you have lots of friends and family that would not be able to eat the main course, consider options that would be easy for them to enjoy. The goal is to make sure you’ve offered everyone an opportunity to help you celebrate. 

*Photo of Helberg Barbecue from our Vintage Autumn shoot

*Photo by Casey Nystrom Photography

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