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How to Create a Well-Balanced Registry

Setting up gift registries can be overwhelming. Believe it or not, there is an art to creating a well-balanced registry. While these lists are created to ultimately help you start your new life together, you should also consider who will be buying these gifts. Here are a few pointers to create a list that you and your guests will appreciate.

Consider what you have and what you'll need

Do you have old college linens and second-hand kitchen supplies? This may be a good time to upgrade if these pieces are wearing out. Or perhaps you have most of a set of serving pieces, but you’d like to complete it. Not everything will need to be replaced.

Don't register for things just because you were told to

So many lists tell you what to include on your registry. They should only be used as guides. If you don't need the item, then don't include it. If your grandmother is giving you her heirloom fine china and you don’t know how to cook then you probably don't need a full set of wedding dishes or an immersion blender. And if you already have a fully-furnished home, consider a honeymoon registry where guests can help give you the perfect getaway. 

Select convenient stores

It's only necessary to register at a few stores. Make sure they have the items you want and are accessible to guests. Include brick-and-mortar stores as well as online options. Choose places that will be convenient for your guests and can be found in most cities.

Register for items in many price ranges

Your guests will have varying gift budgets. Select items in several price ranges, with most items falling in the $25-100 range. Many sources say to split it up in thirds: one third under $50, one third between $50-100 and another third over $100. You can even register for the same type of item at different price points, such as a basic mixer and a Kitchenaid standing mixer with attachments.

Select the right number of items 

Make sure guests have enough items to choose from, without making the list too overwhelming for your or them. A good rule of thumb is to register for 1.5-2 items per wedding guest.

Extra Tips

You'll probably get gift cards and items that aren't on your list. Remember gifts are a way to show consideration. Smile and say thank you when you receive something unexpected. Save the gift cards until after the wedding. They can be used to purchase the extra items on your registry that you didn't receive.

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