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I Could Have Been a BRIDEZILLA

By Cindy Dixon

When I was 19, I met Alex in Houston through mutual friends. We hit it off right away. I was already on my own, and we didn’t want to do long distance, so I moved to Waco. Two years later, he proposed. It was the biggest surprise of my life!  We moved to Houston to plan the wedding in 2009. Thank God I had Alex. There were plenty of times I could have gone “Bridezilla” on my family and friends. But I never did.

This is my wedding story.
My bridal party was made up of all my close friends from college. The problem? I was far away. So when it came time to plan bridal showers and the wedding, I felt lost.  My mom was planning “the wedding she never had.” But it was my wedding.  I wanted to do
save-the-dates magnets, so Alex and I had asked my mom to take photos for us. I’d edit them and create the design. In less than a week (as I was still selecting a picture I liked), she received a package of 200 magnet save-the-dates…with the most HIDEOUS design .(My cousin did the same one four years back.) Worst photos of the bunch. That was just the beginning.

Later, I had to shop for the dress.  You would think for the most important day of my life, I get my first pick. Wrong.  My mom picked my dress…and I’ll leave it at that.  The dress situation got worse. About a week before the wedding, I’d lost weight, and the dress had to be taken in to the shop. I asked my maid of honor to go with me. She never showed. I later found out she was shopping for her bridal gown…and she wasn’t even engaged yet!  During the fitting, my mom wouldn’t keep her fingers off the dress. The seamstress walked away for more pins, leaving needles in my dress. My mom stepped in, wanting to adjust a pin, pricked her finger and got blood on my dress!  I wanted to cry! Three days before the wedding , my mom had become “Momzilla”.  Her blood was on my gown. Luckily, the shop had an emergency kit for situations like this one, and got the stain out.

Before I knew it, it was before the wedding. When we arrived to the rehearsal, one of our groomsmen was missing! I let other people panic because the only thing that mattered to me was that I was about to marry my best friend the next morning.

My wedding was beautiful.
The missing groomsmen arrived, my bridal party looked glamorous,  and the only mishap was the flower girl forgetting her basket. Fortunately, the venue had a spare.  If I had to do it all over again, I would.  But I’m not too sure about my mom.

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By Cindy Dixon

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