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Letting Go of Perfection

There is a lot of pressure to have your wedding day go perfectly. It may come from others, but usually it’s from our own perceptions and expectations. Girls often dream about their wedding day and if something goes wrong, there is potential for the nicest person to turn into a “Bridezilla.”

It’s very important to let go of perfection for your wedding day because you really only need to have your perfect match. If you let all the little details determine how your wedding day will go, then you are likely to have unnecessary stress.

The Truth

The truth is that something unexpected will probably happen. The flowers will wilt, the ring bearer will cry, or a grasshopper will jump onto your bouquet during an outdoor photo shoot. Any number of things could go wrong, so keeping calm and remembering not to panic will help you come up with a quick solution.

Keeping Perspective

The secret to staying calm is to keep perspective. What is the most important part of your wedding day? The marriage.

What is important about wedding planning? Preparing for your marriage and spending quality time with the most important people in your life while you plan.

Be Creative and Prepared

Sometimes coming up with a solution to unexpected things takes creativity. If the cake falls, ask somebody to quickly get a sheet cake from the grocery store. It also helps to be prepared. Keep an “emergency kit” of helpful items like medicine, breath mints, Band Aids, cleaning wipes and a sewing kit for little accidents. When you have possible solutions on hand you are less likely to feel stressed.

These are a few ways to let go of perfect so you can be perfectly happy on your wedding day.

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