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Lodging & Transportation

Along with the wedding colors, what food will be served, and where you’ll put the guest book, brides and grooms must also consider many other things.  How will you transport yourselves and the wedding party to and from the ceremony?  Where will the out-of-town guests stay? Whether you choose fancy or affordable, there are several options when it comes to lodging and transportation


Bed and Breakfasts

While the words “bed and breakfast” might evoke images of frilly, floral pillows and themed décor, this small lodging option has come a long way since its inception. Not only will your guests get the chance to unwind in a picturesque location, but they will also get free breakfast, a chance to participate in the venue’s activities, and personal service in a homey environment.


Hotels might not be the most intimate option, but many hotels offer brides and grooms the option to pay for blocks of rooms for out-of-town guests at a discounted rate. And with all of the guests in one location, there’s less of a chance of someone unfamiliar with the area getting lost or being late to the nuptials.



Limos say classic wedding and offer couples and their wedding parties the chance to feel like Hollywood royalty for a day. From the classic stretch limo to the over-the-top SUV models, this fancy transportation option makes a statement.

Vintage Cars

Driving away from your wedding ceremony like the stars of a black-and-white film can be a dramatic way to make your exit. Not to mention the fact that classic cars make a great backdrop for those after-ceremony pictures. You can go fancy with a Rolls Royce, sassy with a vintage sports car, or rustic with a restored pick-up truck.

Water Ways

While cars and limos are popular options when it comes to wedding transportation, a new trend is emerging that takes advantage of the water way adjacent to ceremonies and receptions. Some brides and grooms are borrowing or renting canoes, speed boats, yachts, and other water vehicles to make their entrances and exits. It’s a unique way to capitalize on scenic locations and make your wedding one-of-a-kind.

Legacy Limousines of Waco

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