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Music and D.J.s

By Alannah Domangue

A bride gets her chance to wow the crowds with her gorgeous gown upon making her grand entrance at the ceremony, but what keeps the guests going during the reception? It is the entertainment, of course.  For many brides, ceremonies and receptions present delicate balances that transition from formal to fun. The gown reveals the unique taste of the bride in a very formal setting, while the after-dinner entertainment shows off the bride’s personality. Whatever your idea of fun might be, finding the perfect band, musician or DJ that fits your taste is just as important as saying, “Yes to the dress!” Check out our Central Texas entertainment expert insight.

Find Your Fun
Some couples have specific preferences for their wedding music, and many entertainers understand that no two weddings are alike. Many do not know what they are looking for, and that is ok! These entertainers recommend not limiting options initially, but instead shopping around, meet DJs, bands and other musicians to discover who can meet their needs best. Whether couples are seeking a unique rendition of their wedding song, or maybe they desire a more elegant sounding entrance with a modern song, this is their chance to show some personality and have some fun!

Set the Tone with Guests in Mind
While the big day reveals to people the character and tastes of a couple, the entertainment primarily exists to treat the guests. Experts recommend keeping company in mind when selecting music and making decisions. The pair should help the hired entertainment with specific song choices, understanding the personality of your guests, and grasping the overall feel for the big day.  This is a great way for the artist to feel more confident in providing the experience desired by the bride and groom.

Uninterrupted Entertainment for Hours

Performers are experts at gauging the guests and keeping the flow of the night going nicely. With transitions between the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner, to the first dance and bouquet toss, many entertainers will keep the evening on track.  A great wedding entertainer has experience reading a crowd. As a result, couples can stress less about the guests, and enjoy their big day a little more.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Getting to know the entertainer far in advance allows time to build a good relationship, adhere to special requests and give the couple peace of mind on their special day.  Do not get caught waiting until the last minute. Ladies, it is the same as seeking out your dream dress; whether you know what you want or not, do not hesitate to make that your first priority.

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By Alannah Domangue
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