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Gift Registry Tips

By Family Features

1. Go Together
The two of you should be registering for gifts you’ll both enjoy. To decide on what you need, talk about what style of home you see yourselves creating and then split up the work. Let your hubby-to-be handle the electronics while you pick out the formal dining ware.

2. Get creative
Register for whatever you want! Don’t feel like you have to stick with china and toasters; include anything from camping equipment, gear for the honeymoon, electronics, etc.

3. Register early
Registering for wedding gifts should be one of the first things on your wedding planning checklist. This is great for guests who would like to purchase a gift for any pre-wedding celebration, including engagement parties, showers or brunches. Your list doesn’t have to be completed right away; you can always add to it when you think of new items.

4. Be fair to your guests

Be sure to register for items in a range of prices so that people can choose gifts within their means. Provide a mix of options: Think traditional for older relatives, affordable and fun for college friends.

5. Check your guest list
Request more items than the number of people on your guest list. It is important to give your guests plenty of options without seeming like you are asking for too much.

6. Be practical
It’s easy to get carried away when you’re handed that registry scanner, but try to avoid asking for things you know you’ll never use. Also, register for some trendy items as well as some that you can appreciate years from now.

7. Keep track
Visit your registries often to make sure purchased gifts have been removed and update your lists with additional items you may think of. As your wedding day nears, check the registry more frequently and make sure your guests still have plenty of options.

8. Check return policies
Before you decide where to register, check the store’s return and exchange policies. If you receive duplicate gifts or something you decide you may not use, you want to be able to return or exchange it to purchase something you can enjoy.

9. Opt for gifts cards
Everyone loves receiving cash, but asking for monetary gifts can be tricky. Gift cards can be the more appropriate solution, as you can use them to buy the things you really need or want. If you really want to receive cash gifts, ask your bridal party or close family to discreetly spread the word.  Remember when writing thank-you notes, let the giver know how you intend to spend the money.

10. Don’t forget Thank-You notes
Thank-you notes should be sent within two weeks of a gift’s arrival if a gift is sent before the wedding. Notes for gifts received on or after the wedding day should be sent within a month or so of your return from the honeymoon. Be specific in each note, mentioning the gift by name.

11. Spreading the word
Unfortunately, it’s not appropriate for the bride or groom to ask for wedding gifts, so you have to be careful with how you let people know where you’re registered. Never include registry information with your wedding invitations. Your registry info can, however, be listed on your bridal shower invites since the invitation does not come from you, but from the person hosting the shower. You can also include such details on a wedding web page.

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By Family Features

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