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Rehearsal dinners & Small Wedding Venues

While a wedding is the celebration of a couple’s marriage, it is also a time for two families to become one. And there’s no better way to bring these two groups together than with a rehearsal dinner before the big day.

In years past, these celebratory meals had to be done a certain way. They took place in hotel ballrooms or expensive restaurants. But, today, couples are following their hearts and their bank accounts to more intimate and far less pricey venues.

Here are some of the places they are choosing.

Historic Homes

Trade the formal feeling of a hotel ballroom for the comforting feel of a historic home. Not only will the decades-old architecture be a beautiful backdrop for pictures and décor, but it will also allow for a more laid back vibe.

These homes are often surrounded by gardens and greenery that are not only a great place to take pictures, but they can also be used as small ceremony or reception venues if you are looking for a more intimate wedding venue.

And if the historic location is large enough, it might even be a great place to board out-of-town guests or gather your bridesmaids for pre-wedding prep.


Brides are still in love with the rustic chic theme, and there’s no better way to achieve this look than with a wedding venue or rehearsal dinner that takes place in a barn. These smaller wedding venues are perfect for couples who are looking for a more down-home feel.

And despite their rugged appearance, barns can be dressed up to become the perfect location for a candlelit rehearsal dinner or fabric-draped reception. These venues are like a blank canvas, just waiting for a bride’s touch.

Small Town Locations

Although you may want a view of the city skyline while you sip champagne, it might not be in the budget. You can save money and up the charm factor if you choose a location outside of the city limits.

Not only is It a more intimate setting, but it will be easier to add all of the extras you’d have to skimp on in a more expensive location. You can opt for a vintage hall or even a meticulously manicured park. And with a quaint location, you’re sure to get a big helping of small town hospitality at no extra charge.

The Clifton House

The Hall at River Square Center
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