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Trends in Cakes & Catering

While guests of your wedding are there to celebrate the happy occasion and help usher you into married life, they are also there to enjoy the food that you’ll serve. From the first course to the wedding cake, it is all about flavor and presentation, and no bride wants a lukewarm showing.

Here are some of the latest trends in cakes and catering that will leave mouths watering and stomachs satisfied.


Whether you’re feeding your guests a full meal or light snacks, you want the food you choose to be well-received. Here are some ways that couples are putting their personal touch on the bites they provide.

Because daytime weddings are cheaper than most evening weddings, brides and grooms are opting for earlier ceremonies and non-traditional eats to satisfy hungry guests. Some are even going with a mid-morning brunch theme offering friends and family waffle bars with a variety of toppings, omelet stations, and fresh fruits.

Comfort Foods
Gone are the days of the gourmet wedding foods whose descriptions barely fit on the menu cards. Couples are now opting for comfort foods with a more formal flair, like macaroni and cheese made with artisanal cheeses or mashed potatoes with a variety of gourmet toppings.

Brides and grooms are shying away from fancy dinners with multiple courses and opting for single-servings of their favorite foods presented in interesting ways. This could be anything from the brides favorite cookies served in colorful Chinese takeout containers to mashed potatoes served in martini glasses.


Cakes are made of flour, sugar and other simple ingredients, but when they are decorated for a wedding, they are more than just a dessert—they are a work of art. Every couple wants the perfect wedding cake, and brides and grooms today are stepping outside of the cake pan to create one-of-a-kind centerpieces for their big day.

Metallic Touches
Not only are silver and rose gold popular on the runway this year, but they can also be seen adorning wedding cakes. Some brides are requesting fondant in shades of silver and gold, while others are opting for metallic floral accents or a dusting of the metallic tones.

Smaller Cakes
Wedding etiquette traditionally calls for the wedding cake to be large enough to feed all of the guests. But today’s brides are bucking tradition and ordering smaller wedding cakes, along with sheet cakes that can be served from the kitchen. This allows the guests to have a chance to sample the flavor without cutting into the actual wedding cake.

Non-Traditional Flavors
While wedding cakes are traditionally made with vanilla cake and white icing, wedding cake creators are seeing brides pick flavors like caramel, coconut, and snickerdoodle to showcase their unique tastes.

There are endless options available for brides and grooms to let their personalities shine with unique foods and cake served at their reception. Central Texas has an abundance of professional bakers and caterers available to help ensure no guest goes home hungry.

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