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Wearing Comfortable Shoes with Your Wedding Dress

By Brittany Pumphrey

Dating all the way back to Cinderella, brides have been wearing heels on their wedding day. From pumps to peep toes, three inch to six inch, under all the white fabric is some sort of heel. Some brides wear wedges to make them taller, and others wear them to save money on alterations. Whatever the reason, stilettos have been the shoe of choice. Recently, however, brides have taken a different approach when choosing the footwear for the most important day of their life. Brides are now more concerned with wearing comfortable shoes to avoid aching feet on their special occasion.

Kayla Gohlke, an RN in Temple, Texas, recently got married, and wore crocheted TOMS for her ceremony and reception. She didn't want to constantly think about her throbbing feet, so she came up with a different solution.

"I wanted to be comfy and enjoy my wedding and by wearing heels, there is no way I could do that," she said.

Gohlke wasn't the only one at her wedding who decided having fun was worth sacrificing certain shoes.

"I actually asked all of my wedding party to put on comfy shoes before the reception so we could all enjoy it more," she said.

The newlywed weighed her options while trying to find the perfect shoe she would wear.

"I decided to go with TOMS because they look dressy and the price was affordable. Plus, I can still wear them. I would suggest for everyone to wear comfy shoes on their big day." Gohlke said.

Although wearing heels has been part of tradition for many years, don't be afraid to break away from it and do what is best for you. Think about what is more important to you -- wearing stilettos to match your colors, or wearing flats to be the life of the party. If you can't imagine wearing anything other than pumps, an option is to wear cute heels during the ceremony and for the pictures, and then change to flats for the reception. That way you can satisfy your desire to carry on tradition, but also remember more about the wedding you worked so hard for, and less about your sore feet.

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By Brittany Pumphrey

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