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Wedding Favors 101

There are so many things that make demands of your budget while planning your wedding. It can be tempting to let go of little things like wedding favors in order to save a little, but these little things go a long way in making your guests feel welcomed and valued.

Wedding favors are also a wonderful way to express yourself, show off your wedding theme and thank your guests for coming. There are so many options available at every budget point. You can be traditional or get creative. You can have store bought or you can hand make each item.

It may be difficult to decide what to do. Here are a few ideas to send you in the right direction:

Consider Your Budget

It’s very important to look at your budget and how many guests you are expecting. Large weddings with a small budget will need simple favors, maybe even a sweet DIY favor that shows you care but doesn't break the bank. This can be as simple as wrapping chocolates in a bag with a little bow and a thank you tag. Intimate weddings with a large budget may include a more elaborate favor. This could include more elegant packaging or items that are unique, such as each guest's name etched on a glass with a personal sized bottle of the local wine. 

Match Your Theme

Perhaps your wedding theme has specific colors or a location that could lend itself as inspiration. A fall wedding in Vermont is a perfect opportunity to give little samples of maple syrup. With a Hawaiian theme you could give guests a traditional lei. You can even pick something as simple as a chocolate bar with packaging that coordinates with your wedding colors.

Think of the Usability

It is always nice to give guests something they will actually enjoy instead of something that sits on the shelf or goes straight into the trash. Food items are likely to actually be used and enjoyed. If you choose something other than food, think of the overall functionality and likelihood of it being used. Whenever the guest uses it, they will think of you and your thoughtfulness.

**Photo features the Local Wedding of Kira + Wesley

**Photo by Shelly Taylor Photography

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