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Wedding Supplies & Equipment Rentals

After changing your Facebook status to “engaged” and posting several photos of you and your new fiancé, it’s time to start thinking about the logistics of the wedding. Not only will you need to pick colors, a venue and your bridesmaids, you will also need to determine what supplies you’ll need to complete the perfect look.

Here are some of the latest trends in wedding supplies and equipment rentals that will help you make all of those important décor decisions.

Wedding Rentals

Sparkling linens are all the rage with today’s bride. This could be a sequin-covered runner on every table or subtle gold thread running throughout table coverings. While some brides want a more elaborate look, others are going for a more natural look by bringing in candles and greenery instead of the classic floral centerpieces. No matter the design of the décor, it seems many brides are using lighting to enhance indoor reception halls and ceremony sites.


Brides and grooms seem to be moving away from traditional invitations in favor of a more simplified look. While cream and ecru-colored paper are still popular among brides-to-be, the multi-layered invitation is fading into the background. Brides are even opting for out-of-the-ordinary textures inside their invitations like burlap and lace.

Craft Beer Keg Rentals

Who doesn’t love a refreshing beverage when they’re toasting their loved ones at the rehearsal dinner or reception? Craft beer has grown in popularity and beer kegs are a popular choice, especially for couples who are going for a more relaxed party atmosphere. Be sure to check out local options for your craft beer selections. Couples with particularly thirsty friends are renting more than one keg to keep the party going long past the nuptials.

Photo Booths

Couples have been using these fun, carnival-type attractions for years to commemorate their wedding day and to get their guests in on the action of the day. Brides today are using photo booths to make a unique guest book or using the photos as favors for their guests.

Send-Off Supplies
Gone are the days of rice and birdseed. Today’s brides are looking for something with more of an impact. Sparklers are the perfect thing for couples who want something different to send them off into married life. Companies now make sparklers that are specifically for weddings and aren’t a safety concern. You can even get them in the shapes of stars and hearts.

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