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Wedding Trends for Fall

While there are pros to every season, it seems that fall weddings are a popular choice. So, if you’re planning a fall wedding, here are some trendy ways to make your autumnal nuptials a memorable experience.

Color-coordinated Cocktails

Signature drinks created by the bride and groom are a common occurrence in the wedding world these days, but now couples are taking it a step further and creating cocktails that match their décor. Instead of just going for a typical martini or scotch on the rocks, brides and grooms are asking for alcohol to match their wedding colors.

Local Brew

Fall weddings are all about nature, warmth and comfort. So, offering your guests a sampling of local beer from breweries near your wedding venue is a great way to give them the homey feeling you’re trying to create.

Seasonal Elements

Flowers and weddings go hand-in-hand, but if you’re planning a fall wedding, you might consider adding in some seasonal elements like leaves, wheat stalks or pine cones. These small touches will give you a fall vibe without much effort.

Lounging Area

Your guests have come to celebrate your love, but they also come for an enjoyable time. Create a space outside the reception area where guests can lounge and sit by a fire and warm up under flannel blankets. Nothing says fall more than listening to crackling wood and enjoying the crisp, fall air.


These aren’t just for Lumiere or the Phantom of the Opera. They can also be a great addition to a warm, fall tablescape adorned with seasonal flowers and greenery.

Autumnal Dress Code

If you’re feeling ambitious about your fall theme, you can even ask guests to wear colors that will mesh nicely with your color scheme. Not only will everyone look nice in your pictures, but it’s a décor element that won't cost you a thing.

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