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Creating Picture-Perfect Moments Without Busting Your Budget

Magazines showcase beautiful wedding images. Blogs and TV shows walk you through wedding spaces that are breathtaking. The inspiration is there. But the reality of putting these special moments together can be a little more elusive.

There are many reasons why it can be difficult to put together these vignette moments. The first is that they were designed by professionals and you’re seeing the best of their collections. Perhaps you cannot find the items you are looking for to rent or buy locally. Maybe your budget will not allow for an elaborate design. There are several factors that can cause frustration while planning the pretty, picture-perfect moments you were hoping to capture. Here are some ways to get what you want without going over budget.

Pick a Few Special Moments

Make a list of the picture-worthy moments most important to you. The top moments should receive more attention. Is it you and your new spouse having your first kiss? Maybe it’s the first dance or the toast. It could even be the table décor and cutting the cake. Instead of making everything something to Instagram about, pick your favorite moments.

When you have a few moments to focus on, you can focus your energy and budget toward those things. If it’s the table décor and cutting the cake, then meet with your rental company, baker and florist about what would make those photos and moments special. If it’s the first dance, then make sure your makeup is nice, the DJ is on cue and there’s a little interest in the venue near where you’ll sway to the music. This could be string lights, drapes, large windows and columns, up-lighting, etc. If you want the alter to stand out, talk with your florist about ways to make those photos pop. These will be the moments that make it to Instagram feeds and blog posts.

Blended Supporting Moments

Everything else at the wedding will be a supporting moment. The tricky part of is to make the star moments and the supporting pieces blend well. You don’t want to have elaborate chandeliers around the dance floor while guests use paper plates. The whole atmosphere needs to be cohesive.

One easy way to have solid supporting moments is to go with simple basics that fit with your overall style. If you do have chandeliers but are spending less on the table décor, then you may want to use plain table clothes with white china or glass plates and folded napkins or pretty centerpieces to create interest. If you have a rustic wedding and the main focus will be the ceremony arch, use some of the floral pieces from the arch as accent pieces on the tables, cake and bouquets to tie everything together.

You can have picture-perfect moments without spending a fortune. The key is to work with what you have and focus your energy and budget accordingly.

**Photo by Shelly Taylor Photography

**Photo from Local Wedding: Kira + Wesley

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