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Featured Vendor: Rio Brazos Cuisine Custom Catering

The sun has set on a perfect wedding day, and guests are starting to leave the dance floor. But, when it seems like the night is over, a food truck pulls up alongside the venue. With breakfast tacos and donuts on the menu, the guests find renewed strength to dance the night away.

For the seasoned owner and caterers of Rio Brazos Cuisine, it was a no brainer to add a food truck to their culinary arsenal when they saw the popularity of the mobile restaurants. Their truck is called The Mad Hasher and offers guests gourmet hash browns topped with items like smoked brisket, seared sirloin, house-made mozzarella cheese, fresh pico de gallo, avocados and jalapeno-ranch dressing.

“I’ve catered several weddings where a food truck has showed up late night,” said owner, Jonya Williams. “I think, the Mad Hasher, being a breakfast theme and using all freshly-prepared ingredients, would be a really good option for those late [wedding] nights.”

Williams said that couples can even customize their food truck experience by adding menu items like burgers, fajitas, chicken and waffles, or a Cuban sandwich.

“They can actually combine the catering and the food truck,” she said. “They can have their wedding dinner at the food truck for a more casual feel, and then have appetizers set out to keep people from lining up at the truck at one time.”

Williams and the rest of the staff of Rio Brazos Cuisine just want to give each couple a personalized experience that will help make their wedding a memorable one.

“We like to sit down with the clients and discuss the menu and the style and come up with something creative based on their personalities,” she said.

For one bride and groom, Rio Brazos Cuisine created an entire French country picnic as a nod to where the couple met. And when one couple wanted an upscale version of hamburgers and pizza, the catering company delivered.

“We did an outdoor, gourmet grilled pizza station with delicious Italian appetizers; and gourmet, freshly-grilled burgers with all sorts of great toppings,” Williams said.

All of the dishes are prepared by the catering company’s chefs and can be altered to avoid allergens or be tailored to a fit a family recipe.

And along with five-star food, Rio Brazos Cuisine can also provide servers, bartenders, chefs, rentals, and staff to set up and break down.

“We love being able to create something really special for [couples] and their friends and families,” Williams said. “And we’ve got lots of fun, creative ideas for them.”

For more information about Rio Brazos Cuisine, visit their website at www.riobrazoscatering.com or call (254)-235-9136. 


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